lusuud artwork, 2023 New media artist Aryuna Bulutova turns to Indigenous practices and epistemologies in a quest to heal our relationship with the world beyond the human. Inspired by Lusuud, a Buryat Shamanic ritual, Bulutova’s video artwork interweaves ancestral knowledge with climate awareness. Guided by her parents who are practising shamans, Bulutova delves into a […]

Resurfacing lives

Podcast Artist, Bo Choy speaks with Sayana Namsaraeva, an anthropologist from Buryatia, a republic of Eastern Siberia bordering Mongolia, who’s work focuses on the indigenous cosmologies of the people from her region. Together they delve into animated landscapes that surround Lake Baikal, the deepest and oldest freshwater lake on the planet. Their conversation considers the […]

Warm Frost

There are tomatoes growing in Siberia. Not one or two, but tonnes. Cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes are spreading lush green walls inside polytunnels, in year-round temperate warmth of twenty degrees Celsius. Above these plants, there are three layers of clear plastic which allow precisely 94% of sunlight to enter. Below these plants, below ground, there […]

These yearnings of the exiled souls, to which Time shall we send them? These yearnings of the exiled souls,  to which Time shall we send them? Video and text. 8 mins. 2022 Bo Choy Born and raised in Hong Kong, Bo’s practice has evolved out of the densely populated cityscape, her experiences are far removed from the untouched shores of Lake Baikal or the vast permafrost expanse […]

The river I grew up with Video performance. 30mins. 2022/3 Natalia Papaeva grew up in Orlik, in Buryatia, 270 km west of Lake Baikal. Since 2013, she has lived in the Netherlands, where her practice has drawn on her strong yet emotionally fraught bond with her homeland. In her powerful video performance work Yokhor (2018), she repeats the only two […]

Transit Sound work, 18 mins and video, 3 mins. 2022 Through her performance, sound, film, and written works, Himali Singh Soin invites us to view the world through her poetic lens, drawing entangled relationships between phenomena that refuse linear narration. Soin invites listeners to download her new sound work (below), to listen while in travel. […]

Deep Time Letters

Previous image Next image from Shezad Dawood to Nikita Zimov Previous image Next image from Nikita Zimov to Shezad Dawood Letter series. 2022 Deep Time Letters runs alongside Shezad Dawood’s research for the eighth episode of his ten-part film, Leviathan. Assembled over the course of five years, Leviathan exists in an unfathomable kaleidoscope of the […]

Dreams about Earth

< back *script synopsis: a small piece in three acts is woven from fragments of discussions and imaginaries from yakutsk, conversations with researchers, stories heard from grandmothers, reflections during walks through milky mists, memories of memories, rare winter dialogues with strangers and with ourselves. the dream takes place in timelessness. gradually voices are waking up – […]

Maya Kust

Dreams About Earth Multidisciplinary project, in-situ and online. 2022 Maya Kust Life on our planet is an infinite variety of phenomena that exist in close relationships and often merge with each other. Dreams About Earth invites the audience to reflect on permafrost through fragments from conversations and collective imaginations that happened in Yakutsk in the […]