TBA21 Involving collaborators from those whose lives are embedded in the region and those from afar, Dissolving Earths was due to launch in March 2020. Funded by The British Council, it was a casualty of blanket sanctions by the UK Foreign Office. As an indigenous population and land colonized by Russia, many of the collaborators’ […]

Dissolving Earths Launch, with Elizabeth Povinelli, Sophie J Williamson and Sata Taas Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. April 8, 15.00 – 16.30 CET Join us at Het Nieuwe Instituut for the launch of Dissolving Earths. The afternoon will include talks by critical theorist Elizabeth Povinelli, curator Sophie J Williamson and a screening of new video and audio work by Sata Taas. Followed by Q&A, moderated by Klaas […]