The Mirror and the Lake

How a telescope at the bottom of the world’s cleanest and deepest lake shows the link between ecology and cosmology. I.One of the crucial phases of the James Webb Space Telescope’s deployment en route to the Lagrange 2 point was to spread widely the port and starboard wing of its main mirror, followed by fine-tuning […]

Dissolving Earths

Chapter 1: Geological Liminality  Chapter 2: Dreary Cacophony  Chapter 3: Bubbling Cultures from the Subsurface  Chapter 4: Histories Dissolving Earths  Chapter 5: Inscribed Bodies  Chapter 6: Reaching Out To Touch Deep Time  Chapter 7: Decaying into Newly Forming Futures  Chapter 8: Permafrost as Cosmos The Dissolving Earths programme has been a journey through imaginations and […]

Warm Frost

There are tomatoes growing in Siberia. Not one or two, but tonnes. Cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes are spreading lush green walls inside polytunnels, in year-round temperate warmth of twenty degrees Celsius. Above these plants, there are three layers of clear plastic which allow precisely 94% of sunlight to enter. Below these plants, below ground, there […]